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Friday, January 30, 2015

One Media Collective

The 1st qualified directory of creative media professionals.

Main OMC Features:

Creative Talent Database: lists the top production talent, and connects them with producers and production companies.

Company/Producer Directory: Producer and Production company listings offer a means for producers to connect with clients, as well as production talent.

Stock Footage and Music: Deep discounts on production footage and music for OMC members is available on the site.

Health Insurance: OMC offers members custom, value-added health insurance plans that are specifically tailored to the creative echelon.

Information: Forums, blogs and job postings, specifically tailored to the media industry.

Training and Networking: Meet ups, Training Events and Tutorials will be available to all members

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OMC Health Insurance

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OMC provides individually tailored, health insurance plans for all OMC members.

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One Media Philosophy

One Media Collective is based on a philosophy of creating win-win synergies across the entire entertainment industry.

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Information Overload: Pay Attention, or Pay the Price!

Resourceful corporations have found profitable ways to take advantage of information overload, but the ethics involved are far from Kosher. What the corporate world lost in the ability to coast on advertising and marketing principles that were defined half a century ago, many ha... Read more

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10 Sep 2010 Technology

iPhone Outgoing

The iPhone makes voicemail super easy. From recording an outgoing message to listening to new voicemails, it just works. The only thing is, recording an outgoing message never turns out just right because it's being recorded through iPhone's tiny microphone. The way around it, u... Read more

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15 Aug 2010 Technology

Flash: Dead in a flash!

Many rock stars have hailed in their songs that Rock & Roll will never die, but the same may not be true for the ubiquitous  interactive technology we know as Flash.  We spent all this time adopting it, and now it is over. It's painful, I know.  I am the biggest fan of the t... Read more

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02 Aug 2010 Technology

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