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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Personal Branding Essentials

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Before we can really delve into marketing at large, here at the newly founded One Media Collective, we must begin with ourselves.

I came across this Genius marketer by the name of Scott Ginsberg. Generic enough of a name, but he has overcome this by successfully branding himself, "The Name Tag Guy."

That's right, some 10 years ago, he put one of those "Hello My Name is_______" tags on his shirt and has continued to do so every single day since. This has garnered him tons of press and appearances on numerous talk shows and news segments. But aside from being incredibly gutsy, and innovative with that one idea, he also has a great deal of insight on personal branding.

Here are some of my favorites from his site http://www.hellomynameisscott.com/

Personal Branding Essentials:

Be prepared with the following:

· Elevator Speech, 30 Second Commercial or Defining Statement!

· Business Cards

· Website Blog

On Business Cards:

· Red: every card that had red on it stands out.

· Picture: only a few cards had pictures of the cardholder. This not only made them stand out, but helped me connect faces with names and companies.

· Vertical: several cards were formatted vertically, which caught my eye.

· Black Background: most cards have a white background, so the black ones REALLY stood out.

· Image: cards with some sort of colorful image that took up at least one fourth of the total surface area captured my interest.

Your card should state: this is my business card. There are many others out there, but none of them are like mine – because there's nobody else like me. My business card is not a formality. It's not a piece of paper containing my name and contact information. And it's not another annoying thing to keep in my pocket. My business card is the most important networking tool that I own. It's a reflection of my personal brand and a bite-sized morsel of the mission of my business. I LOVE my business card. And I can't wait until somebody asks me for one. Because when they do, I will find a way to give that person value.

If you haven't been to his site it's truly worth a visit, and it is a fantastic example of personal branding at its best.


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John Cirabisi

Hobbies include: Building bridges, creating synergy, and examining all-things-media. Oh, and crochet.


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