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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Social Media Saves World, Predicts One Media Founder

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How the prevalence of social media has enabled the new ideology of macro-synergy, and potentially saved the human race!

The idea is to create synergy on a much larger scale than we're used to.

I call it "macro synergy," says Cirabisi. "We all are familiar with micro synergy, that is, the standard kind of "win-win" scenarios, in which a small group of individuals work together to form a greater output than the sum of the parts. With the new Web 2.0 social media model, we can bring synergy to a much larger scale. Synergy amongst and entire industry, such as media and entertainment, is now possible. We can project this concept forward onto increasingly larger groups, and achieve national, and international synergy, and perhaps even world wide synergy.  It can be argued we are already witnessing this to some degree with the uprisings in Egypt and the Middle East.

From the very beginning, man's success can be attributed to the realization that collaborative efforts yield much greater outputs, than any individual could achieve. That formula of success has scaled thought the years in a multitude of incarnations. Its time for a new quantum leap of thought.

While traditional synergy models have always touted the benefits of collaboration, they have also measured their success based on creating an advantage over others. The phrase, "a group of like minded individuals" is often used in such models. This implies that a collaborative effort amongst "like-minded individuals" will create a competitive advantage over other, "not like-minded" people. So however advanced and universally successful this model may have been, it limits itself in that it only functions based on exclusion of others. Others that could potentially be part of the synergy. As long as the exclusive "like-minded individual" element of the model remains in place, there will be no true synergy, no macro-synergy, and their will always be conflict, unhealthy competition, and war.

It is here that macro-synergy excels...

...in that it doesn't rely on he exclusion of any group to be successful, but rather in the opposite vein, it works toward joining all people to become more like-minded, and expanding the synergy to a macro scale. With the universal acceptance of the global community, and its wide spread accessibility, we have all become "like-minded individuals," regardless of wether we think alike or not. We are like minded in that we are all members of the human race --nothing new there, but also that we all realize that we can all benefit by collaborating with others. The more we realize we have only to gain by our collaborative efforts, the more we understand each other, and the greater the acceptance we'll have of our differences.

Its important to note that in service of its goal to make all people more "like-minded," macro synergy does not promote the loss of individual thoughts, ideas, or cultures, but rather strives for like-minded synergy in an inclusive manor. Healthy competition will still remain as a primary motivator, in that it is through competition for success, that we realize that, to be more synergistic with others, is in our own best interest. And hence the win-win is perpetuated.

Macro-synergy should not be confused with communism. While communism seeks to create social and economic equality thought idealistic, and contrived means, macro-synergy is the epitome of capitalism in its truest, and potentially most successful form. People work together simply because they realize that to do so is advantageous to themselves.  Its a new ideology that has the potential to make all of the world, finally at peace, and is a natural extension of the social media phenomenon.

Macro-synergy is a way for us to maintain our competitive nature, but channel it into a medium that benefits our selves as well as our competition!

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John Cirabisi

Hobbies include: Building bridges, creating synergy, and examining all-things-media. Oh, and crochet.


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