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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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Even if you have a promotional site already, it can only benefit you to join.  We will help promote your existing site!

Its Free and its Easy!  You only need your name, email and resume to get listed.

You can add any of the following at any time:

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You'll get your own url, web page, streaming video reel, and contact information, so viewers will only contact you.

Your own login to enable you to edit any text on your page, at any time.

This service will always be free, and only your own contact info will be available on your page.

The entire portfolio is completely mobile ready so it can be viewed on iPhones and iPads!

If any of your materials are not ready, you can send in the form to lock in your free URL, and portfolio, then edit later.

Your info will only be used for this purpose, you will always retain all rights to your material, and you can opt out ant any time.

(OMC reserves the right to approve or reject at its own discretion. Guidelines to be posted shortly)

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