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Monday, July 24, 2017

Message From Founder

One Media Collective founder, John Cirabisi created this unique online destination for the purposes of bringing media professionals together to share ideas and assets. The idea is to create synergy on a larger, industry-wide scale.

I call it "macro-synergy," says Cirabisi. "We all are familiar with micro synergy, that is, the standard kind of "win-win" scenarios, in which a small group of individuals work together to form a greater output than the sum of the parts. With the new Web 2.0 social media model, we can bring synergy to a much larger scale.

Synergy amongst and entire industry, such as media and entertainment, is now possible. Ideally, we can project this concept forward onto increasingly larger groups, and achieve national, international, and perhaps even world wide synergy.

For now, I am doing my part in this effort, by encouraging media professionals to come together on this web site and begin the formation of an industry-wide, macro-synergy, that can benefit us all in our day to day business, and can one day save the world!

-John Cirabisi

Founder / One Media Collective

Information Overload: Pay Attention, or Pay the Price!

Written by 

Resourceful corporations have found profitable ways to take advantage of information overload, but the ethics involved are far from Kosher.

What the corporate world lost in the ability to coast on advertising and marketing principles that were defined half a century ago, many have made up for by creating a new cheap formula to profit off the increasing trend of information overload.


It's simply stated as, "information overload profiteering."  Many companies (usually banking and financing) have found ways to take advantage of the diminished state of attention the US populous is currently capable of, due to information overload.


Through ingenious methods of obfuscation, companies have learned that they can greatly increased their bottom line...

Confusing due dates that cause late payment fees, and other methods of confusion are applied to siphon small amounts of cash from many individuals.  It's small enough amounts so that the individual wont notice, wont care, or wont have the time to question, but collectively adds up to huge gains garnered in a less than scrupulous manor.



In days past this type of profiteering would have been called a con, or a grift.  Today giant companies are coning millions of Americans out of their hard earned cash and getting away with it unquestioned.  I urge you to speak up, and call or contact any company that you suspect of taking advantage of this trend at your expense.


Since I originally wrote this article a year and a half ago, many companies have been called out on this, and with the rise of the social media, basically acting as the ultimate watchdog, in many instances companies have been called out on this behavior.


More and more companies are learning that good customer service will lead them to more profits than pilfering small fees, from the masses. But its not gone completely.  More often than not however, if you do call a company with a reasonable complaint, they are far more likely to make an exception, and refund money or otherwise apease your request.  You've been warned, pay attention, or pay the price!

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John Cirabisi

Hobbies include: Building bridges, creating synergy, and examining all-things-media. Oh, and crochet.


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