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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

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Production & Post Production Blog


Full Video Editing On YouTube Finally Arrives With WeVideo

We told you all about WeVideo last month, with a detailed look at their cloud-based, collaboration-friendly video editing system. But now the whole world is about to get an up close and personal look at WeVideo, as YouTube has integrated it right into the YouTube experience, allowing for full video editing capabilities right within the browser.

Full Video Editing On YouTube

This afternoon, YouTube began rolling out the WeVideo integration to users. Just upload your clip, and WeVideo does the rendering for you. It’s got everything a traditional video editing software has: timelines, clips libraries, color correction, sound effects, and more.

Yes, you can now… finally… edit your videos as part of the upload and publishing process on YouTube. up until today, while there were some editing options offered inside the YouTube experience, they were pretty limited.

This move puts WeVideo alongside other YouTube.com/create partners like GoAnimate, Magisto, & Xtranormal.

Here’s Jostein Svendsen, the CEO of WeVideo, on the partnership:

“WeVideo’s integration to YouTube opens up the exciting world of video editing to millions of video story-tellers. This partnership gives YouTube users an intuitive cloud-based tool that is far more powerful than most desktop solutions. And with the ability to immediately post completed projects to their respective YouTube channels, video story telling has never been easier.”

Game Changing?

I generally dislike the phrase “game-changing,” but...

this is huge. Absolutely huge. While many video creators will continue to use professional editing software because of their familiarity with it or it’s particular bells and whistles, WeVideo brings video editing capabilities to the masses… for free… right inside the YouTube account and in the browser. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Now you no longer need Sony Vegas, or Final Cut Pro. Sure, pros will still use things like that. But I’m talking about the millions–tens or hundreds of millions–of people out there who don’t have professional software… or can’t afford it. Now they don’t need to.

It’s getting easier and easier for even the most technologically challenged users to shoot, edit, and publish video. This kind of move is potentially game changing because it opens the door to a legion of new filmmakers and video creators.

As devices like smartphones and tablets continue to get better at recording video, it’s going to be pretty easy in the near future to shoot, upload, fully edit, and publish video all from a mobile device while on the go, even for amateurs.

I can’t wait to try it out. It’s rolling out to users starting today, and will be officially announced tomorrow.

Source: Full Video Editing On YouTube Finally Arrives With WeVideo Integration http://www.reelseo.com/video-editing-on-youtube-wevideo/#ixzz1bKvFPLqv

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